Automatically Back Up Your Evernote Notebooks With These Scripts

Automatically Back Up Your Evernote Notebooks with These Scripts

Evernote is an awesome tool for capturing all sorts of information, but what if it suddenly doesn't remember everything? Prepare for the worst with an automated backup system.

Luckily, Jamie Rubin has posted a way to automatically backup your Evernote data. (We've talked about the manual method before, but a set-and-forget approach is easier on us all.) He uses an AppleScript (shared on GitHub) combined with automating tool Lingon to back up his notes once a month.

Windows users can check out Jose Esteve's batch file posted in the comments.

If you rely on Evernote, imagine how you'd feel if all your notes disappeared because of a glitch or some tragedy. Head to the link below for the scripts.

Going Paperless: How and Why I've Automated Backups of My Evernote Data [Jamie Todd Rubin]


    You could simple automate your Evernote backup process with Backupery:
    Using it for almost half an year and it works pretty well. Unfortunately there is't Mac version though.

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