Ask Lifehacker A Question And We’ll Answer

Ask Lifehacker A Question And We’ll Answer

Ask Lifehacker is one of our most popular features at Lifehacker, and we’re always on the lookout for more questions. If you need advice on anything in your life — from choosing the right phone plan to organising your finances to taking the next step in your career — send it in, and we’ll get onto it (and dig out the relevant experts and sources as needed).

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To send in a question, simply use our [contact text=”contact form”]. If it helps explain the issue, you can attach a file as well. Ask away! While we don’t get to answer every single question, we aim to answer as many as possible as quickly as possible.


  • How about answering a direct question from this comments section..!
    How are the up/down votes calculated..? I’ve noticed that comments can cause vetting by the moderator for some very poor reasons. For example, if you get down voted multiple times, simply because your opinion is different from others, you get moderated, which is not a fair practice. This happens quite a lot and usually on the weekends..! It doesn’t seem to matter how many upvotes you accumulate over different posts, one comment with x amount of downvotes for having a different opinion, gets you moderated..! And for those that will chime in and say, well it really doesn’t matter… What is the point of the voting system then..? And yes I know that simply editing the comment clears the blue text, but that’s not the point..!

    Right off the bat, first comment, no one voted yet and this post is being moderated..! WTF..?

    • Moderation is not based purely on votes (and never has been AFAIK), but it does factor in. We have considerably fewer people working on weekends (because it’s the weekend), so it’s unavoidable that moderated/reported comments may take longer to clear. Can’t say it’s been a subject of major dissent from readers though.

      • Can’t say it’s been a subject of major dissent from readers thoughThat doesn’t mean it’s not an issue that requires dissent..! I have seen others complain about it, but if the moderators don’t reply, then they become disengaged..! Plus, completely disregarding the main concerns in my comment isn’t helping afaic… Moderation for having an opinion, smacks of bias from the moderator. You also disregarded the fact that my initial comment here was moderated for no apparent reason..? Oh… and I also note that it generally only happen with LH, not Giz..?

        • My point was that seeking out a fix for an issue that isn’t widely complained about is not going to be at the top of the list of priorities. The voting system isn’t perfect — no moderation system is — but the benefits of it (combined with the ability to report comments) have definitely outweighed any downsides in our assessment.

          • You really just can’t help being the worst kind of troll can you..!

            AND… OH look, I’m being moderated. how interesting

  • While we’re on the theme of LH/Giz: any plans to support SSL?

    On a more personal note:
    Did any of you meet Neetzan Zimmerman while he was at Gawker? Was his attitude to journalism like it came across in this Daily Show segment? (scroll to 1:08). If so, did any of you take the opportunity to punch him in the face?

  • Will check on the password stuff. Allure is a partner company to Gawker and based in Australia, so for the most part we don’t get to meet the US guys.

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