Add 'GIF' To The Start Of YouTube Links To Convert Videos To GIF


Web: GIF YouTube is a simple webapp with a single purpose. It wants to convert YouTube videos into short GIFs, and make it easy for you to remember how to do that.

If you come across a video, all you need to do is add "GIF" before "YouTube" in the URL, and you will be redirected to the app. For example:

Original video:

To convert to GIF:

Next, choose a point in the video to start your GIF and the length (up to 10 seconds). Follow the steps and you'll get your GIF, ready to download or share.

Of course, this is to create just a basic GIF. If you need something better, check out our complete guide to making GIFs.

GIF YouTube [via TechCrunch]


    Keep in mind that this is third party and not affiliated with Youtube, stay vigilant with your passwords people.

    We all deal with 3rd party apps everyday. Keep in mind that your information is like a wallet. Read and just don't click yes and agree. For beginners who wanted to create their GIF in seconds, getting some part of the movie and post it as a comment on social media sites, it's a great tool indeed.

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