A Complete IT Security Approach Summarised In Nine Pictures

IT security requires consistent, developed approaches to identify and eliminate threats. This nine-step summary identifies the key stages you need to keep in mind.

This approach was developed by Cisco security subdivision Cisco, but it's a methodology that will work regardless of the specific technology choices you make. It's further divided into three areas: measures to implement before an attack, steps to take during an attack, and tasks to perform after an attack.

Pre-attack: Discover

Magnifying glass picture from Shutterstock Identify any existing threats or weaknesses in your systems and policies.

Pre-attack: Enforce

Riot picture from Shutterstock Use technology to ensure policies are followed.

Pre-attack: Harden

Bootcamp picture from Shutterstock Patch systems and eliminate threats.

During attack: Detect

Scientist picture from Shutterstock Use technology to identify attacks and potential causes.

During attack: Block

Road block picture from Shutterstock Block attack attempts as they occur.

During attack: Defend

Soccer picture from Shutterstock Aim to circumvent and identify attackers.

After attack: Scope

Scope picture from Shutterstock Research to identify the full scope of the attack.

After attack: Contain

picture from Shutterstock Ensure vulnerabilities and issues don't spread to elsewhere in the business.

After attack: Remediate

Doctor picture from Shutterstock Perform needed remediation and fix activities.


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