A Better Way To Put A Lime In Your Beer: Use A Knife

A Better Way to Put a Lime in Your Beer: Use a Knife

Putting a lime in a beer is simple: push the wedge into the beer. Consider using a knife to slide the wedge into the bottle for maximum lime flavour.

Photo by Tess Watson.

The problem with the push method is the lime just gets on your hands and the wedge gets stuck in the neck. Over at Bridging the Nerd Gap, they use a knife to channel the lime juice into the bottle. You'll need a steady hand so you don't cut yourself. If you aren't careful, you can do serious damage to yourself — so only try this trick only if you are comfortable with a knife.

Check out the link for some other tips on using the lime wedge in a beer.

How to properly add lime to a bottle of Mexican beer [Bridging The Nerd Gap]


    :/ Do you really need an article on how to get a piece of lime into your drink?

    Is this serious? You don't need to use a knife. Just push it down with your finger...

      Yeah, I can't say I've had a problem with the 'pushing it in with your finger' method. It never gets stuck in the neck of the bottle.

    Probably not a good idea to put knives anywhere near people drinking alcohol...

    looks like a great excuse for some Friday afternoon "research" :)

    If you need to put lime in your beer to enjoy it, it may be time to try a different brew.

      My favourite beers are dark and golden ales, but each season has its more appropriate beer. And there is no better beer on a 40+ day in the sun than a mexican one with a bit of citrus in it.

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