Yammer Now Included In Office 365 Midsize Business

Microsoft's "enterprise social networking tool" Yammer is now a little more affordable: it will be included in the Midsize Business skew of Office 365.

Yammer Enterprise has been (unsurprisingly) included in Office 365 Enterprise plans since last year, but this marks its first extension into smaller (sub-300 users) firms. In Australia, the Midsize Business plans are sold through Telstra, and cost $16.50 per user per month.

Microsoft acquired Yammer in 2012, hoping to convert its existing Office customer base to the attractions of enterprise social networking. Even before that happened, Yammer had 250,000 users in Australia. Historically, Yammer was often adopted by individual departments rather than as part of a formal IT strategy.

Yammer Enterprise now included in Office 365 Midsize Business and Education plans [Yammer Office Blogs]


    Midsize Business skew
    “Skew”? Is it time to bring in the spelling Nazis?

      Not on spelling grounds, no. Grammar and vocab, possibly.

        Actually it is time for the spelling Nazi. SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) not skew.

        Last edited 08/07/14 10:28 am

          Thank you!

    Why bother? Isn't Yammer being integrated into SharePoint with Single-Sign-On soon enough?

    "In Australia, the Midsize Business plans are sold through Telstra"
    And also, in fact, Midsize business plans and Enterprise plans can be purchased via Microsoft Resellers through the Microsoft Open License program.

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