Wunderlist Chrome Panel Makes Your To-Do List Easy And Unobtrusive

Wunderlist Chrome Panel Makes Your To-Do List Easy And Unobtrusive

Chrome: Wunderlist is our favourite to-do list app on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. If you use Google Chrome, it just got easier than ever to access Wunderlist with a new extension that turns it into an always-open panel that doesn’t clutter your screen.

You’ll first need to enable Panels in chrome://flags — the extension gives you a shortcut link, so follow that. Open Wunderlist Chrome Panel, sign in to your account, and you’ll see a mobile version of the Wunderlist app in a little panel on your screen. Most of the common buttons you’ll need are right there, including calendars, alphabet sorting and email.

To change between categories, press:

  • Ctrl+1: Assigned to me
  • Ctrl+2: Starred
  • Ctrl+3: Today
  • Ctrl+4: Week
  • Ctrl+5: All
  • Ctrl+6: Completed
  • Ctrl+7: Conversations

Wunderlist Chrome Panel [Chrome Web Store via Reddit]


  • Definetly, the best supermarket list application, except for a little detail: it cannot re-sort ticked items! thus, it’s beautifully unusable. (the synchronizationacross devices feature is excellent too, an absolute shame)

  • I’m really iffy about to do list thingys…I keep a little list some times in my work note book (real physical write with pen type), but can’t imagine how I’d find a computer-based one useful…may be I need to imagine more; on the other hand, for a really critical matter where I do need to keep track of tasks, a simple to do list ain’t it…my ‘to dos’ need to be clustered, nested, with dependency links, attachments, tags (also nestable) repeats and continuity; that’s how my real world of work works. If you’re job can be managed by a simple one-dimensional to do list, then may be you don’t need a simple one-dimensional to do list.

  • I used to use wunderlist religiously, but the sync had terrible problems, tasks would simply vanish after syncing. I hear they’ve sorted those issues now, but in the mean time, for simple todos I’ve been using Apple’s Reminders app more than anything. It’s like a virtual supplement for my terrible memory.

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