Who Won The Two Dell Chromebook 11s From VMware And Lifehacker?

Who Won The Two Dell Chromebook 11s From VMware And Lifehacker?

We asked you to devise creative challenges for the lucky Lifehacker reader who’ll soon blogging about using VMware Horizon 6 to work remotely while enjoying a trip to beautiful Magnetic Island. We had hundreds of great challenges, and our two favourites have each won a Dell Chromebook 11!

That Lifehacker reader will be Mark Monfort, who works for analytics and visualisation solutions provider Space-Time Research and also has his own blog Confessions Of An Analytics Junkie.

Some of the challenges we’ll be throwing at Mark include essentials like accessing his corporate Gmail account, files and documents using Horizon Workspace portal and connecting with the office via a Google Hangout video conference. Then the fun stuff! Remote virtual desktop access to setup a new server, install a few key apps and monitor performance from a tablet — all while having a beer or relaxing on the beach. Of course, we’ll also be incorporating some challenge ideas from our two Chromebook 11 winners:

Congratulations to…

Jordan Foord, Senior Product Manager at Network 10
Submission: “Working from a small watercraft – i.e. a tinny, rowboat, or even kayak. I’d like to know the smallest possible floating thing that you could work from, so I can shift my office into the harbour.”

Jordan’s remote experience: “My role at Network Ten involves developing the digital product strategy & roadmap; and managing the design, development & operations (along with an amazing team) of our TENplay product across various platforms. The ability to connect to the team remotely is very important, because our products are in use 24/7, and much of this demand lies outside of standard 9-5 business hours. I also occasionally stare out the window of our Pyrmont offices & try to work out which boat/yacht I could borrow & work from for the afternoon.”

Ben Harnwell, Coordinator (Economic Development & Tourism), Manningham City Council.
Submission: “Log into externally provided website and update database entries – while on the phone with client. While travelling to a new location (back seat of car) answer emails and have a video chat with a client to answer their needs. Prepare a presentation for a corporate training session – accessing shared drives and other websites.” [abridged]

Ben’s remote experience: “In my experience and exposure the public sector uses remote working in a variety of ways. In economic development and tourism, being able to remotely access data, files, information and email is paramount. Working directly with business means being connected to answer their needs and provide services on the ground. As the public sector evolves, remote working and accessible data will become increasingly important, the public demands and expects service to match those they find in the private sector and we need to adapt to meet (and exceed) those needs.”

Note: Ben Harnwell currently works as Coordinator Economic Development and Tourism at Manningham City Council –the views expressed here are his own and not those of his employer.

Thanks everyone for entering!

VMware Horizon was built to address the demand for remote working, while also helping businesses manage enterprise data and security. Horizon 6, VMware’s latest Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), adds key new features like Horizon View with long-requested application publishing support. Virtual SAN and Hybrid Cloud have also been added to easily deploy virtual desktops in whatever combination suits your fancy. Download a free trial of Horizon 6 here.

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