Wear Internet Browser Lets You Surf From Android Wear

Have you ever thought that that what you really wanted to do with a smartwatch was browse the web? If so, today's your lucky day, as Wear Internet Browser lets you do just that.

The smartwatch/wearables space is one that's still developing — we've covered tips for buying a smartwatch here and for fitness bands here but it's been clear that it's not the hardware but the software that will make wearables really stand out.

Which I suppose goes some way to explaining Wear Internet Browser. It's an Android Wear-compatible Internet browser for tiny screen sizes, with zoom capabilities and a push model from the Chrome Android browser. Is it absolutely essential and something that will sell a whole lot of smartwatches? Probably not. Is it a thing that you can do if you're an early adopter? Knock yourself out.

Wear Internet Browser [Google Play via Android Police]


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