Want A Bank Job In IT? Hone Your Mobile Development Skills

Banks are one of the bigger IT employers in Australia. If you're looking to move into the sector, right now mobile development skills and security knowledge are your best bet.

Banking picture from Shutterstock

Recruitment consultancy Robert Walters produces a half-yearly update on trends in bank hiring. While most of that focuses on bank-specific operational roles, two tech areas do rate a mention: mobile banking and security. "There will be a continued increase in permanent recruitment mainly in business, mobile banking, client service and credit analyst roles," the company notes. Changes to the Privacy Act have also created demand for security specialists.

Two positions that consistently show up in our roundups of the highest-paying IT jobs — project managers and business analysts — also rate a mention.

2014 Half Yearly Market Update [Robert Walters via Business Insider]


    I can tell you from experience that almost all mobile developer jobs at banks are outsourced and end up filled either overseas or by workers on visas (as do a large number of other IT roles).

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