Use Bacon Fat To Infuse Your Bourbon With Bacon Flavour

Use an Ounce of Bacon Fat to Infuse Your Bourbon with Bacon Flavour

Bacon. Bourbon. Now that I have you drooling over these two things separately, let's talk about how to combine them for one deliciously tasty drink to liven up your weekend.

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Maker's Mark, producers of fine Kentucky whiskey, shared their recipe for bacon-infused bourbon recently with the folks over at ManMad DIY. The process is easy, so even newcomers to mixed drinks should be able to give this a shot.

For this, you'll need the following:

  • 3-4 strips of bacon
  • 750mL of bourbon (Maker's Mark obviously recommends their own brand, but feel free to experiment)
  • Container for overnight storage
  • Fine mesh sieve

To get started, you'll want to cook the bacon in a pan. This should produce about 30 grams of fat (if it produces more, just use that amount). Wait for the fat to cool to room temperature and add it to a container along with the 750mL of bourbon. Leave it stored in a freezer overnight. The next day, strain the mixture into a second container to remove bits of bacon. Strain it a second time while you pour it back into the bottle your booze came in.

Now you have a bottle full of bacon-flavored bourbon to share with your friends. Oh, and of course, you also have bacon. Enjoy.

How to: Make Bacon-Infused Bourbon [ManMad DIY]


    Tell me how to infuse honey and I'm all in.

      Wouldn't you just put honey in and then sir it? It'll dissolve without heat anyway.

    I went to a "cocktail degustation" recently (matching cocktails to small meals) where they served an Old Fashioned (my all time favourite drink) infused with duck fat using this exact method... It was incredible and I can only imagine it being amazing with bacon fat, also.

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