Turn A Dead Pinball Machine into a Desk

There's ordinary office furniture — and then there's turning a pinball tablet into your everyday desk. If you want to stand out, you know which one you should pick.

I feel it's vitally important to point out that this particular hack relies on having an otherwise defunct pinball table to start with, because hacking apart a functional pinball table would be a crime against gaming, and I'd be forced to hunt you down and do terrible things with flippers to you.

That being said, this is a very cool concept. Take one otherwise non-playable pinball table, remove most of the electronics (which often can double as spares for other tables if you're a pinball enthusiast), modify the legs to level the tilt of the glass and turn the coinbox into a secure locked drawer. The hacker behind the modification even turned the backglass into a separate piece of wall art, further recycling what was an otherwise dead pinball table.

Pinball machine desk [Instructables]


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