Turn A 99 Cent IKEA Shoehorn Into A Splash Guard For Your Bike

Turn A 99 Cent IKEA Shoehorn Into A Splash Guard For Your Bike

The guys and gals at IKEA Hackers don’t half come up with some ingenious hacks for DIY cheapskates: here’s one for our cyclist readers that will keep those underwear-wetting splashes to a minimum.

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To make the below bicycle splash guard, all you need is an OMSORG shoehorn from IKEA (RRP: $0.99), some rubber bands and a clamp to hold it in place. It works exactly like a commercial splash or mud guard for bikes, such as this one. The idea is to protect your lower body from spray caused by your back wheel; particularly when it’s raining.

As a non-cyclist, I’m not sure why you’d want to protect your heiny from splashes during torrential rainfall — but seeing as these things can sell for over $50, I guess there must be some benefit.

IKEA Hackers


  • Or just jump on ebay, and get one delivered for $4.61 …. includes the mounts, and is both the front and back wheel

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