Top 10 Places Worth Moving To For NBN Access

Top 10 Places Worth Moving To For NBN Access

Future plans for the National Broadband Network (NBN) are anything but certain — the only way to be sure you’ll gain access to a fast fibre connection is to move to a location where it already exists. Here are 10 suggestions for places that might be worth the journey.

The reality for the NBN right now is that there are no firm commitments as to when future developments will happen, and no certainty as to what sort of technology mix will be used. Whatever your views on the politics of how this happened, its practical impact is simple: the only certain way to know you’ll have access to fibre broadband is to be living in one of the locations where it has already rolled out.

We’ve highlighted 10 of the most attractive choices below. If you were planning a move, you’d still need to check specific addresses on the NBN rollout map — all of these locations have live sites, but many also have proposed builds close by. If you have additional suggestions, share them in the comments.

10. Armidale, NSW

coldPicture: denisbin

9. Kiama, NSW

early NBN sitePicture: Gonzo Carles

8. Canberra, ACT

property values are growing rapidly, for one thingPicture: enjosmith

7. Hobart, TAS

Picture: Andrew Braithwaite

6. Brunswick, VIC

NBN cafe

5. Coffs Harbour, NSW

Big ThingsPicture: Jenny Mealing

4. Darwin, NT

NT News
Picture: Ken Hodge

3. McLaren Vale, SA

Picture: Jocelyn Kinghorn

2. Mandurah, WA

Picture: Michael Spencer

1. Townsville, QLD

Picture: John Skewes


  • How did Willunga not get onto this list? a 5 minute drive out of McLaren Vale which is a 30 minute drive out of Adelaide, second place in mainland australia to have NBN switched on and still has that quaint country town feel even though suburbia is slowly creeping closer.

  • Hobart and Tasmania is just great. So many towns and suburbs connect to FTTP and more in build. Plus, no traffic, lots to do. Surf beaches, mountains and rivers full of trout.

  • Canberra is a big place and to say it is fully serviced by the NBN is anywhere near the truth. I live in a suburb that is surrounded by NBN FTTP served homes but I (and all other parts of Canberra that are not NBN) have been dropped of the work commenced areas. There seems to be no areas of Canberra where NBN work of any kind seems to be happening which seems to fit with the Coalitions anti Canberra agenda.,

    • Gunghalin was a high priority for the initial NBN rollout as it has a miserably overloaded kilometers distant exchange. Yet despite suffering from the same issues as the rest of the region, Nicholls has been sadly left out, and we’re stuck on our pitiful connection while literally across the road NBN going strong. We have considered moving one suburb over already.

      • Yes Gungahlin was on NBNco and sad to say boundary of NBN’s Fibre starts at Gungahlin Drive Ngunnawal. Let’s wait maybe your area will be next to build commenced after Casey.

  • There’re 15 new city that was activated by NBN. The latest was in Paget, South Mackay, West Mackay, Mackay last 10th of July and 7 out of the 15 were QLD activations.

  • Recently moved back to the UK from Sydney…. Changing from TPG’s 20 meg (Really 6.5) Unlimited package to virgin broadband 152 meg (really 160) Unlimited package was worth the move just on it’s own. Oh and it’s $7 cheaper too! 🙂 ‘Straya

  • I’d also like to highlight that the CBD’s of Mackay and Cairns have access to NBN FttP, plus much of the East coast just North of Rockhampton to Port Douglas and the Atherton Tablelands (including the Burdekin) are now active access areas for NBN Fixed-Wireless.
    The longer term effects on house/business premise prices in areas that have FttP compared to FttN will be interesting to watch. We are already seeing businesses preferentially relocate into areas of Townsville that have FttP access.

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