This Video Explains The Pros And Cons Of Different Display Connectors

Looking to buy a new video card or monitor? Linus at TechQuickie explains the differences between display connectors like DisplayPort, DVI and HDMI.

You may know the basics already — and hopefully ditched VGA by now — but Linus breaks everything down so you can clearly see the pros and cons of each connector type. He also goes into detail about the mini versions of each display type.

Research the different standards and pick the right type for you and your setup. If you need some help picking a decent monitor, we've got you covered.

HDMI, DisplayPort, VGA, and DVI as Fast As Possible [YouTube]


    Interesting and thanks but ------ I knew vga connections would get "bagged". 99% of the time it probably is crap compared to hdmi.

    However, I have a smaller hd tv. It takes hdmi and vga. I like older tech too so I use vga from a dvd player to this tv and have found no problems!! It's clear and I couldn't tell much difference from my blu-ray player that has hdmi when watching a dvd. I think the size of the tv is around a small 47cm diag.

    I have seen also seen vga on much larger tv's no problems again. Perhaps my eyesight is wanting but thats my 3 cents normal 2 cent rate adjusted for consumer price indexing :)

      No disrespect intended but if you can't see the difference between VGA and HDMI while using a HDMI DVD player then maybe you need your eyes checked. 47cm is more than large enough to be able to see a difference. The colour palette alone should be immediately noticeable.

        Hi WhitePointer - you are SOOO right .....

        I got my wires crossed. My mistake. I should have said I have trouble telling apart HDMI from component video (YCbCr). I do use SVGA for my old projector. And when I was at a friends place could not tell SVGA apart from HDMI for a dvd he had on a large tv . "Think before typing" - got it....

      normal 2 cent rate adjusted for consumer price indexing

    What I would like to know is though --->>> Why HDMI cannot support 120hz on a computer monitor yet DVI-D/Display port can?

      Basically DVI-D Single Link and HDMI have 6 pins for Data (In pairs for 3 data streams at Positive and negative), and DVI-D Dual Link has 12 pins (in pairs for 6 data streams), and effectively twice the bandwidth as a result. All the other pins are for shielding and what-have-you.

      Because terrorists

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