The McDonald’s McFeast Burger: Back From The Dead

The McDonald’s McFeast Burger: Back From The Dead

Good news McFeast fans! McDonald’s has finally resurrected its dearly-departed McFeast burger — complete with that famously odd sauce. You can get the McFeast from McDonald’s now for $5.85. (That’s today’s lunch sorted!)

Apart from a brief resurgence in 2011 to celebrate its 40th birthday, the McFeast hasn’t been available in Australia since the 1990s, which is a pretty long time between burgers. Like before, the McFeast comes with a beef patty, cheese, tomato, onion, lettuce, pickles and three sauces (mustard, ketchup and “McFeast Deluxe” sauce) in a sesame seed bun.

Something that has changed is the price — a standalone McFeast will set you back $5.85 which is at the upper end of what McDonald’s charges for burgers. Naturally, you’re better off getting it as part of a combo deal with a soft drink and fries.

The McFeast packs in 2030kJ of energy which is about on par with a Big Mac. With that said, the extra salad does makes it slightly healthier if you care about that sort of thing. We’ll be putting the McFeast through the Takeaway Truth ringer later this week. Stay tuned for our verdict! In the meantime, take a trip down memory lane with this 1980 advert. Bless.



  • Am trying to remember if the McFeast was the gigantic burger or was that another one?

    • It was always built off the 14pounder base. So it is a bigger burger then most.

      • Thanks, guys. Just trying to remember what the big burger was from the early to mid 90’s.
        Probably the McBig or something stupid like that. A limited time deal thing.

  • The perspective of the marketing shot makes it look about the size of the tomato just behind it.

    Which I guess would make it a sorta accurate

  • Yay McFeast is back, but is it permanent or a limited time thing?

    I also really don’t understand why McDonalds has pickles on so many burgers (read: just about all of them) by default. I’m sure some people like them but most people I know take the pickles off before eating (or ask for a burger without them).

    • We (crew) are told 23rd July 2014 – Ongoing. So it will run until the next round of burgers to take it’s place, and depending on how popular (aka how much money it brings in) owners have the choice to keep or kick it when the McMate burgers come in.

    • What the hell, man. Pickles are both delicious and essential to any burger experience!

  • I heard a rumor that Maccas now does all day hotcakes, does anyone know if this is true?

    • Nope. Not as far as I know, our store doesn’t but others might be but I haven’t seen anything official.

    • It’s been at one of the Maccas near me for well over a year but haven’t seen at any others that I can recall.

  • If you’re craving this and for some reason the store isn’t doing it: Quarter Pounder add lettuce, tomato and chicken sauce (“McFeast Deluxe” sauce) and you have the McFeast!

  • I’m surprised nobody mentioned that this is/was clearly McDonalds’ answer to the Whopper.
    Basically the same ingredients, very similar flavor…only (typically) a fraction of the size.

  • “McFeast hasn’t been available in Australia since the 1990s”

    I could be wrong, but I remember this burger being around until about 2011 at my local Micky D’s in WA, when it was dropped for a bit, then re-added as part of the 40th anniversary, then disappeared.

    Best burger ever. The only reason I bought it as it was the only burger that actually tasted fresh (with crisp lettuce and big slices of tomato).

    • Its going to be the McChicken sauce again I bet!!….rip off, if you say you’re bringing back the original, bring it back with the original sauce which is what made it special.

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