The Hidden Keyboard Shortcut For Images In Your Browser: S+Right-Click

The Hidden Keyboard Shortcut for Images in Your Browser: S+Right-Click

Take a second to hold down the "S" key and right-click on any image on the web. Whoa, right?

The results vary by browser:

  • Chrome: This immediately initiates a reverse image search (searches Google for that image) in a new tab, which can come in pretty handy. It's faster than right-clicking on an image and selecting the search option. (I found this in an infographic about cool browser shortcuts over at Eukhost, but then found that it doesn't work the same in other browsers.)
  • Firefox: Opens the set image as desktop background window(as shown in the image above at left).
  • Internet Explorer: Opens the Save Image dialog to save the image to your Pictures folder.
  • Safari: Immediately highlights the "use image as desktop picture" option in the right-click menu.

It would be nice if the shortcut was universal, but we'll take it anyway.


    In Chrome, I get a TinEye image search in a new tab.

    I get nothing in any browser...

      Dont suppose you are pressing right shift instead of "s" key like I did initially. In other news, hiya Churchy. :)

      Last edited 19/07/14 11:04 pm

      Me neither. Just the usual right-click menu. Using Chrome.

    "It would be nice if the shortcut was universal, but we’ll take it anyway."

    Each program behaves differently because this isn't a secret keyboard shortcut as such. All that's happening is that it selects the right-click menu option with the corresponding accelerator key as soon as the menu appears. Whether you hold the key down or right-click first makes no difference.

    In the same way - in Chrome anyway - you could hold down 't' and right-click an image or link to show it in a new tab, or you could hold down 'c' and right-click selected text to copy it to the clipboard.

    I work this way a lot - e.g. if my right hand is already on the mouse and my left hand is on the keyboard, it's slightly faster to delete a file in Explorer by right-clicking the file and pressing 'd' than either right-clicking and selecting the 'Delete' menu item or moving my right-hand from the mouse to press the 'Delete' key on the keyboard.

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