The Destiny Windows Desktop

The Destiny Windows Desktop

Like many people, we’re eagerly awaiting Bungie’s newest title, Destiny. Flickr user Jacob Caughfield is especially excited, and customised his desktop in anticipation. If you like the look, here’s how you can get it.

Jacob says this is his first Rainmeter desktop, but it looks like the work of an experienced user. Here’s what you’ll need if you want to set it up on your computer:

  • The wallpaper from DeviantArt
  • The Rainmeter system tweaking and monitoring tool for Windows
  • The Elementary skin for Rainmeter for the clock, the date, and the media player
  • The Launcher skin for Rainmeter for the text-based program launcher on the left
  • Julius Sans One as the font to tie everything together

If you like what you see, or have questions about how to set the whole thing up just so, head over to Jacob’s Flickr page (linked below) to let him know how much you like his work and post your questions!

Destiny Desktop [Flickr]