The Custom Mac Pro Workspace

The Custom Mac Pro Workspace

Today's featured workspace is a minimalist home office with one quirky feature: a carved spot on the walnut desk for the cylindrical Mac Pro computer.

Google Translate doesn't comprehensively translate Japanese architect Takara Maru's post on his custom desk, but the pictures may be all you need. It's a sleek workspace — a standing desk at that — which semi-hides the Mac as part of the clean design. (I don't know what he's going to do if he has to replace the computer and Apple changes the dimensions or he gets a non-cylinder-shaped computer, but for now let's just appreciate the workspace.) See more pics and details in the link below.

Perspective - Perspective [FC2 via Cult of Mac]


    Considering he had the money to spend on a mac pro, I'd say he'd buy a new desk.

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