Send Your Kindle Book Notes And Highlighted Passages To Evernote

Send Your Kindle Book Notes and Highlighted Passages to Evernote

Are you an active Kindle reader who takes notes and highlights passages for later reference? Then you might want to pair Evernote with your Kindle to have all those book quotes and information in one place.

Productivity blogger Jonathan Milligan offers this simple solution to turn your Kindle notes and highlights into (searchable) notes in Evernote. All you have to do is head to your Kindle account on Amazon, select one of your books, and go to the notes and highlights page. Then, use the Evernote web clipper to save the entire page. (You could do this with other clipping tools too, such as OneNote.)

This is best for books you're done reading, naturally, unless you want to clip again after you add more notes and highlights.

Milligan also has a guide to sending your dead tree books' highlights and notes to Evernote, which requires taking photos of your notebook or highlighted parts of the book.

A Simple Guide to Indexing the Kindle Books You Read for Evernote [Jonathan Milligan]


    Does not work if you have converted over to an account. Given this is, someone should have really checked that out before cross posting here.

    Also, this is pretty well hidden away. You certainly can't do anything like this from within the cloud reader.

    I suspect this 'feature' will go away without warning.

    What this article has done is made me realise it's time to find a better solution for reading and notating ebooks.

    There is another option! A new Chrome Extension recently came out that syncs your Kindle comments and highlights with Evernote. Works like a charm!

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