Riffstation Teaches Guitar By Showing Chords As A Song's Video Plays

Riffstation Teaches Guitar By Showing Chords as a Song's Video Plays

Learning to play guitar is a difficult, fulfilling and fun hobby. The web site Riffstation lets you crank that fun up to 11 by teaching you how to play a song exactly while the music video plays.

Just head to the web site, search a song or artist, and pick your poison (just don't pick Poison, ugh). Once you've made your selection, the video will start to play.

Below the video, you'll see the chords to play and what chords are coming up next. On the right, you can see exactly how to play each chord — just in case you need a reminder. You can even adjust the chords if you'd like to play with a capo. It's a young service, so not every song by every artist is available, but most of the big ones are there. Now go get working on those finger calluses.

Riffstation beta [Riffstation]


    For software like Riffstation to work, the maker has to get both the chords and the timing of changes between them correct. A quick look at some pretty basic Eagles songs on Riffstation shows that their transcriptions are often wrong, failing on both counts. They are apparently relying on amateur transcribers with a poor 'ear' for music, who can't distinguish minor chords from major sevenths, much less the timing of changes. In one case, the song is simply incomplete, loads to 99% and stalls without even starting to play. As it stands, there's a lot of work ahead to get this thing out of beta and once the music publishers get wind of it, I expect it will be dead in the water.

    I couldn't disagree more. This is not a perfect transcription but it dose work incredibly well. They find the chords form the song they line it up correctly;y to play alongside the video they give chord diagrams for Guitar , Uke and piano and it all happens so fast. The time to grab the audio, analyse it and have chords ready to go it unreal. I found only a small number of chords wrong. The timing was usually spot on. I'm blown away at how well this has been executed. I do worry about publishers getting wind of this and blocking it. If not it's the best tool for learning guitar on the net.

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