Prepare Your Pizza Order Now For SysAdmin Day

Prepare Your Pizza Order Now For SysAdmin  Day

July 25 is SysAdmin Day, when the hard work system administrators do behind the scenes is actually acknowledged for once. There will never be a better time to insist that your boss orders you the luxury pizza of your choice for lunch.

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We made a similar suggestion last year, though we don’t want to be overly prescriptive: if you’d prefer Mexican or burgers, go with that. But enjoy your day, and make sure you finish on time!


  • There is one command that all Linux/UNIX systems admins will get wrong once in their career, and from that day forward will be exceedingly careful before using it – rm -rf

    I was the primary admin for a large UNIX server that was used for our Australian operations – about 500-600 people used this system on daily basis. /tmp was filling up with garbage files, and I’d gone in to tidy it up. As I was working, a co-worker came up to ask how long I was going to be .. and it was in that fateful distracted moment, I commenced an “rm -rf *” from the root “/” directory. All it took was one “ohno-second” for me to realise what I’d done, but by then the damage was well and truly done. Cue the phones ringing, and the NAGIOS screen going red with alarms.

    Fast forward two days – I’d accumulated a good pile of coke cans and coffee cups, a few hundred hate emails from the lusers, an intimate appreciation for the backup software and bare-metal restores, and a long-held life lesson to “Alway check what directory you’re in”

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