Patch Tuesday: Six-Way Serving Of Robust Rebooting

Patch Tuesday: Six-Way Serving Of Robust Rebooting

It’s the second Tuesday of the month tomorrow, and that means Patch Tuesday. Come Wednesday Australian time, there will be a neat heap of essential security updates for Windows systems.

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The two critical updates affect Internet Explorer and Windows, which means everyone except Server Core users will need to apply them — and as is almost always the case, they require a reboot. However, three of the “important” updates apply to Server Core, so in reality users aren’t going to escape that hassle.

Despite that, patching remains less of a hassle on Server Core systems, as Sophos’ Paul Ducklin points out in his analysis of this month’s patches:

When it comes to server security, less is almost always more, quite simply because the fewer drivers, libraries and programs you have installed, the lower the chance that any one of them will have a hole that might put your network at risk. If you have a server dedicated to DHCP and DNS, for example, then it simply doesn’t need to be able to run applications such as web browsers, document editors and PDF viewers. And if it doesn’t need that sort of software, then it doesn’t need the extensive ecosystem of software components that are usually there to support user-facing programs.


  • Since I have previously faced lots of server security issues at work, I know the best way is to eliminate the root cause. Here, keeping only selected data and information on your systems is the key. When you have installed limited, fully-protected programs and drivers, the risk levels will automatically be low. It is equally important to keep checking the updates.

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