My Incredible Body Teaches Anatomy To Kids (And Parents)

Android/iOS: My Incredible Body is a free, high-quality app with an interactive tour of the human body, which is educational for kids and probably their parents too. The animations are high quality and the app teaches about each part in a way that’s easy to understand.

Zybright’s app teaches children about the anatomy of the human body in a way that’s fun and informative. A 3D rendering lets you switch individual elements of the body on or off, such as the skeleton, the nervous system, muscles, the heart and its arteries, etc. Kids can also tap each element to learn about them, and watch guided video tours that take them through the body.

It’s one of the best educational apps for kids, especially when you consider that other apps like this are paid.

My Incredible Body (free) [Google Play Store via Cool Mum Tech]
My Incredible Body (free) [iTunes App Store]


  • Pretty cool app — especially for curious kids — and it seems to run very well on my Samsung Galaxy S4 but it does take a whopping 346mb of space, so I’d recommend installing over wifi if possible.

    I don’t see an exit button in the UI, and it doesn’t respond to the hardware back button (which is always my first go-to when trying to exit an app), but the hardware home button exits just fine.

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