Master The ‘Six U’s’ To Perfectly Pitch An Idea

Master The ‘Six U’s’ To Perfectly Pitch An Idea

Delivering an elevator pitch or even telling your boss about an idea can be nerve-wracking. Entrepreneur James Altucher has crafted “the six U’s of persuasion” to make sure your idea gets heard.

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In case you don’t know Altucher, he’s also an investor, a hedge fund manager, an author, and has participated in our How I Work series. In a post on persuading anyone about anything, he expands on the traditional “four U’s” formula to add two more:


Why the problem you solve is URGENT to your demographic. For example: “I can never get a cab when it rains!”


Why is your solution unique: “We aggregate 100s of car services into one simple app. Nobody else does this.”


Why is your solution useful to the lives of the people you plan on selling to or deliver your message to: “We get you there on time.”


This shows there is no fluff: “Our app knows where you are. Your credit card is pre-loaded. You hit a button and a car shows up in 4-5 minutes.” 

Of course the example I give is for Uber but you can throw in any other example you want.


In other words, make it as easy as possible for someone to say “yes”. Like a money back guarantee, for instance. Or a giveaway. Or higher equity. Or testimonials from people you both know. Etc.

Unquestionable Proof

This can be in the form of profits. Or some measurable statistic. Or testimonials. Or a good wing-man. Whatever it takes.

As Altucher writes, executing these six steps in your pitch will address most of the instinctive objections people have. He also recommends some body language tricks and other tips, so you should read his full post linked below.

How to Persuade Anyone of Anything in Ten Seconds [The Altucher Confidential]

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