Make Your Own Tool Roll For Easy Storage And Transportation

Make Your Own Tool Roll for Easy Storage and Transportation

Not everyone needs to carry around a big toolbox. If you need something a bit simpler, Instructables user nomuse shows off how to make your own roll that's easy to carry everywhere.

All you'll need is some basic sewing skills, a few upholstery fabric remnants, some velcro and a couple clips. The end result is a customisable tool belt that rolls up and is incredibly easy to carry with you anywhere you go. Head over to Instructables for the full guide.

A Simple Tool Roll [Instructables]


    That's a really cute case. I can probably do up a simple one like that with the most basic tools in storage for my wife to bring around. She's quite handy around the house and hates that she has to lug around my toolbox when she needs things done. The small tool roll storage wrap thing really looks quite perfect for her!

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