LikeManager Compiles And Organises Your Facebook Likes

LikeManager Compiles and Organizes Your Facebook Likes

If you get a lot of your news and info from Facebook, then you might tend to click that "like" button on stuff you're interested in. LikeManager is a tool that helps you keep track of that stuff so you can pull it up later.

LikeManager taps into your Facebook account, then scans and categorises everything you've liked and shared. Once it captures everything, you can browse everything you've liked on a nicely organised page. You can always get this info on your own through Facebook's "Activity Log" page, but LikeManager makes it a lot easier to view. The free account nets you a collection of 30 updates a week and if you want more you'll need to go for a premium package. For most people, the free version should be plenty though.

LikeManager [via The Next Web]


    Sounds like they might be harvesting your information here. I'd be very dubious about using this.

    Yes, someone else that will end up knowing far too much about my habits, I still get shocked when I see ads for sites that i visited a few days ago, even though someone did explain to me why this happens, can be a bit creepy

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