Learn The Basic Elements Of Good Design In Under A Minute

Good design isn't the kind of thing that's taught as a core class in most educational systems. However, knowing just a bit about how design works can help you in many jobs. This video gives even beginners the kickstart they need.

The video above isn't a tutorial so much as a video periodic table of design elements. Each element — such as symmetry, negative space and composition — are demonstrated by themselves in an isolated way. If you don't have any background in design at all, this video may be a good place to start.

Elements of Design [Vimeo via Design Instruct]


    sure you can learn these elements in under 1 min, but it takes a lifetime to master how they all work together to produce good designs.

    I watched this video, and now I'm a Graphic Designer! Thanks LifeHacker!!
    Wait, I was already a Graphic Designer to begin with. Oh well, great video anyway.

    The article should be titled "Learn The Names Of The Basic Elements Of Good Design In Under A Minute"

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