LeanDroid Saves Your Battery By Automatically Disabling Connections

LeanDroid Saves Your Battery By Automatically Disabling Connections

Android: We all want our handsets' batteries to last as long as possible. LeanDroid helps to maximise battery life by turning off different connection types when you don't need them.

The app can disable your Wi-Fi, data and Bluetooth connections automatically when your screen is switched off, and switch them back on when the screen is active. If you want to ensure you still receive important notifications, you can opt to have the connections briefly re-enable for a short period at regular intervals. The default option is to re-enable for one minute every hour. You can also specify exceptions. For example, if your battery drops below a particular level, the app won't reactivate your connections at all.

To get the most from the app, you might consider $1.99 pro version, which unlocks a number of additional options. You'll get the ability to override connection disabling between certain times, or if the connection is not currently in use.

In some regards, LeanDroid shares a philosophy with Tasker — an Android app that can be used to automate all sorts of tasks — but it has a far finer focus. Tasker is great if you have varied automation needs, but LeanDroid is a very lightweight alternative that's ideal for anyone whose sole interest is battery conservation.

Grab yourself a copy of the app from the Google Play link below.

LeanDroid (free, 1.99 pro version) [Google Play via XDA Developers Blog]


    Soooooo... it does what juice batter defender does for free?

    just get llama profiles and set it up to turn wifi on when at work/home and turn it off when you leave these areas etc.. thats free as well... plus you can program it to automate other actions for you too...

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