Last Week's 10 Biggest Posts

You wanted cheap beer, cheap lunches and cheap broadband. Kick off your Monday by checking out the ten most popular posts from Lifehacker Australia last week:

  1. How To Get A Sneaky 'Double' From KFC
    Last month, KFC brought the Double back to Australia due to popular demand. Unfortunately, it was only a limited-edition offering that promptly disappeared from KFC's menu after just four days on sale. If you missed out on snagging the infamous bun-free burger, it's still possible to get your hands on one — if you're willing to pay a premium.
  2. Access Classic Google Maps Through This URL
    If you're not a fan of the newest version of Google Maps, Google Operating System has a quick way to access the old version of maps from an old URL. It turns out using the old Local URL brings up the older version of Maps.
  3. Dealhacker: KFC's New $5 Lunch Box Is Its Most Indulgent Ever
    KFC has updated its $5 lunch deal with an even bigger offering: the $5 Box Crispy Sub. For your five smackers, you get a Crispy Sub (1385kJ), a Wicked Wing (552.3kJ), a regular chips (912kJ), a regular potato & gravy (329kJ) and a 250ml drink. I'll take two please.
  4. Which Country Has The Cheapest Beer In The World? [Infographic]
    Most people enjoy indulging in an icy cold beer while travelling abroad: it's the perfect end to a long day of sightseeing. Unfortunately, this can cause your holiday budget to shrink at an alarming rate (especially if you're a drunken yobbo.) This infographic reveals the average price of beer around the world. Depending on where you travel, you could spending 13 times more for the same amount of beer.
  5. Who Needs A 1TB Broadband Plan?
    It's a familiar complaint: you're only part way through the month and you've already used up your download limit, leaving you with either a slow shaped connection or big excess usage fees. But just how large an allowance do you need? Is 1TB more than enough for most of us?
  6. Five Career Mistakes That Might Be Holding You Back
    You show up to the office on time, you've never missed a project deadline, you always refill the coffee pot when you're done — but then a promotion passes you by. What could you possibly be doing wrong?
  7. A Developer's Guide To Building Your First App
    Dominic Williamson is an app developer who began his career as a psychology student with no prior coding experience. Within six months, he had produced one of the most successful apps on Microsoft's Windows Phone Store. Here are some tips from Dominic that will help budding app developers kick-start their own careers.
  8. Planhacker: Australian Unlimited ADSL2+/NBN Broadband (July 2014)
    If you're a video addict, then "unlimited" broadband plans can be appealing — but who offers them and who has the best deal? This Planhacker guide rounds up all the "unlimited" ADSL2 and NBN plans we could find so you can choose the right one for you.
  9. How Long Do US Movies Take To Reach Australian Cinemas On Average? [Infographic]
    One of the chief justifications for pirating movies in Australia is the lengthy delays we're forced to endure by local distributors. Various film bodies have rubbished this argument, with Village Roadshow claiming that the majority of Australian release dates are roughly comparable to the US. This infographic paints a picture that's somewhere in-between.
  10. Ask LH: Are High-End Headphones Really Worth The Money?
    Dear Lifehacker, You guys often talk about headphones, and some of them are really expensive, costing $200 or more. I have a pair of $20 headphones that I love, and I've always wondered: are those high-end ones really worth it? What's so special about expensive headphones that makes them better?


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