Know The Right Tie For Any Event With This Infographic

Know The Right Tie For Any Event With This Infographic

For many men, wearing a tie is a necessary evil of fashion. If you’re not sure which tie to wear, this infographic makes it easy to pick out the right one and try some different knots.

We’ve covered different ways to tie a necktie before and how to tie one really quickly, but the folks at the Long Tie Store organised everything you need to know in one graphic. It will help you decide which style of tie to wear to any occasion, along with what the width of the tie says about you.

Obviously they are trying to sell ties to taller men, but the suggestions are helpful regardless of your height.

How to Pick Out A Tie [Long Tie Store via]

Know The Right Tie For Any Event With This Infographic


  • Ties have got to be the dumbest ever item of clothing. I hate wearing them. Good thing I have a job where I don’t need to wear one.

    • Why did you click, read and then comment on a tie article if you hate them so much?

      • Because I’m entitled to disagree with the article if I want to.

        Also, honestly ask yourself if you like wearing ties, or if you only wear them because you have to (for your job/formal occasions/because your girlfriend/wife makes you…)

        • I’m one who likes wearing ties. I don’t wear them often, as I work in media, but when I do – I love it. it takes the whole thing up a notch.

        • I don’t have to wear a tie for work but I do anyway. Do you know why? Because I like wearing them. We’re not all you, mate.

        • I like wearing ties and wish I had occasions to wear them more often. A well fitted suit with a nice tie makes a man look damn good.

      • Damn, lol.
        I was going to chime in .

        According to ‘ymode’ we should only click, read, and comment on articles we love..

        Let’s vote this person for prime minister!

        If you vote negatively, why did you vote??


        • Wasting your time reading things that don’t interest you and having your say on election day aren’t even in the same universe. Don’t correlate the two.

  • I don’t really see how a full-windsor is more technically difficult than a half-windsor. That’s like saying locking two latches on your door requires more skill than just one.

    • A well done four in hand is every bit as good as a Windsor. Different knots work with different collars, ties, and face shapes.

      Although anyone who wears a trinity or eldredge is a tryhard tool.  

  • Everytime I see a man in a tie I either think: they’re a vulture and just void of life.

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