Killer Interview Question: How Many Hours Do You Usually Work A Week -- And Why?

Another addition to the killer interview questions collection: how many hours do you usually work a week — and why?.

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This is an interview question that seems simple, but it's one that you could easily trip over.

For a start, stating "Oh, I usually rock in around 11 o'Clock, but don't want to work for more than five hours a week" isn't likely to sit well with any interview board unless you're pitching for a part-time job with very low expectations.

The issue is that stating that you're willing to work 70+ hours a week isn't necessarily the best response either.

Remember that an interview isn't just about you impressing a company you want to work for, but also assessing their demands on you and whether they'd be a good match for you. A company that simply wants to burn through employees is unlikely to be a decent workplace.

The second part of the question is essentially your place to shine, by making it clear that you're willing to put the hours in when needed, but in a productive manner, not just a clock-watching way.

How would you answer the question?

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    Me, personally, I honestly do about 2 hours worth of work a week. I'm not needed here, but for some reason they keep me on. Have only been here for a about 6 months, but they obviously knew how little work there is here. No idea why they hired me.

      What do you do? And are they hiring? :P

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