Is Android Wear Enough To Get You Interested In Wearables?

Is Android Wear Enough to Get You Interested in Wearables?

Recently, Google announced the first commercially available Android Wear devices. So far, wearables haven't been too useful, but is Android Wear enticing to you?

At Lifehacker, we're all about productivity and making your life better. So far, smart watches in general haven't seemed too good at either of those things. With Google getting on board, deeper integration into Android, and a host of new apps coming out, it might be time to take another look.

Google has added a new Android Wear section to the Play Store for developers who have added support for the platform. The list of early entrants is impressive, if sparse. Runkeeper, IFTTT, Duolingo, and other big-name apps are already on board. It will still be a while before everyone supports it, but the early momentum is strong.

But the downside, as it's always been, is that you need to buy a whole new gadget to use it. This isn't entirely unheard of. Tablets can cost more than that, do many of the same things that phones do, and they still sell. But what about you? Does the idea of an Android Wear smart watch appeal to you? Is it still useless? Have you already ordered one of the ones on the market already? How do you like it?


    I'm very much interested in an Android wearable, however I'm not getting one until there is a Nexus branded one. I got tired of 'branded' android phones getting abandoned after a year with no further updates. A wearable should last more than a single phone - especially given their current price, so they're only more vulnerable to this kind of treatment.

      I dont think you need to worry about Nexus branded Android Wear devices. There was a recent software update to Android Wear devices and both the LG and the Samsung watches received them at the same time.

      All software updates should be coming direct from Google and not suffer the same fate as software updates for phones and tablets as far as I am aware of. Google has implemented some good guidelines for AW devices and I think has even had a say in the hardware used for its devices hence the reason why the internals on the LG watch and Samsung watch are relatively the same (with the exception of a few sensors in one over the other).

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