If You Still Can’t Justify A Purchase Three Days Later, Return It

If You Still Can’t Justify A Purchase Three Days Later, Return It

We all know what it’s like to have buyer’s remorse. The moments leading up to a purchase are filled with justifications, biases, and rationalisations. If you’re still wrestling with the decision a few days later, take back whatever it is you bought.

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As finance blog Plunged In Debt explains, we all make purchases for fun or personal enjoyment. However, if you’re feeling regret days afterwards, don’t hesitate to make use of that returns desk:

Life is too short to not be enjoyed. I’m not suggesting you don’t enjoy your money. What I am suggesting is that you value your money and make sure it is appropriated in the best manner. If something makes you genuinely happy, that is justification enough but if three days later you’re convincing yourself you still need “it”, return it and rid your conscious of guilt.

For most things, three days is enough time to separate yourself from the pre-purchase justifications and decide if you like life with your purchase. However, you don’t have to wait either. Sometimes you know immediately whether you’re really happy with a purchase, sometimes it might take a while.

Not that under Australian law, you can’t return something simply because you changed your minds. However, many stores will accept a return unquestioned, and others will give you credit even if they won’t get your money back.

If You Have to Justify a Purchase, You Probably Didn’t Need It. [Plunged In Debt via Rockstar Finance]

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