Icon Ping Tells You At A Glance If Your Connection Is Terrible

Icon Ping Tells You At a Glance If Your Connection Is Terrible

Mac: Iconping is a simple network utility that lets you know at a glance if your connection is slow or dropping. As long as the icon is green, everything is OK. If the icon turns yellow, things are slowing down. If it's red, you're probably disconnected.

As the name implies, Iconping continuously pings a specific IP address (in this case, while the app is running. If it gets responses in a timely manner, the globe icon in the menubar stays green. If you receive confirmation packets but get them slower than 300ms, the icon turns yellow. If the delay is longer than three seconds, the icon turns red. It's nothing you can't do on your own from the console, but it's a handy way to tell if something is up with your network connection or the site you're loading.

Of course, there's much more that can cause network slowness or timed out requests than a pinging utility can show, but Iconping can be useful if you frequently find yourself using mobile hotspots or unstable Wi-Fi. Hit the link below to read more and give it a try — it's free and open source.

Iconping [via Hacker News]


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