How To Get A Sneaky ‘Double’ From KFC

How To Get A Sneaky ‘Double’ From KFC

Last month, KFC brought the Double back to Australia due to popular demand. Unfortunately, it was only a limited-edition offering that promptly disappeared from KFC’s menu after just four days on sale. If you missed out on snagging the infamous bun-free burger, it’s still possible to get your hands on one — if you’re willing to pay a premium.

The KFC Double is a chicken “burger” that substitutes bread for two Zinger chicken patties. Sandwiched between these oily slabs of meat are a pair of bacon strips, two slices of cheese and BBQ sauce. With a kilojoule count of 2515kJ, it’s about as disgusting/glorious as it sounds. For a further breakdown of the Double’s nutritional value, click here.

The Double is not currently available in Australia. However, because it uses readily available ingredients from KFC’s larger menu, it is possible to have a bespoke version assembled for you. The only thing that’s missing is the dinky cardboard container.

There are two ways of doing this. The first option is to buy a Zinger BBQ Bacon & Cheese Burger with an extra Zinger patty. Simply discard the bread and lettuce and you have yourself a Double! On the downside, this will set you back a rather steep $10.40. To make the deal slightly more palatable, go for the combo deal which adds a soft drink and hot chips for a total of $12.90.

The other option is to order two standalone Zinger patties and source your own cheese and bacon. The patties cost $3.95 each, which brings the price more in line with an official Double. If you ask politely, they might even add the sauce, cheese and bacon in store. (The particulars of KFC’s cash register system doesn’t technically allow this, so they’d essentially be giving you the bacon and cheese for free. In other words, ask super nicely!)

Failing that, we recommend using shortcut bacon and pre-sliced Jarlsberg cheese. Slap it all together, give it a quick nuke in the microwave and you’re good to go.

Okay, so neither of the above options are ideal, but it sure beats waiting a couple of years for KFC to bring the official version back. With that said, don’t even think about ordering a /”Double Double”: nobody’s that stupid/rich!


  • I never understood why we pay such a premium for chicken takeaway. Everytime I get it it’s chewy and terrible, so it’s not like you’re paying extra for quality.

    • My local one is usually pretty good but I don’t order a lot so it may vary.

      Travelling in the USA recently, there are a ton of takeaway chicken places. Chick-Fil-A was by far the best. It’s fast food but the service there is better than anywhere I’ve eaten in Australia and the food is really good.
      They also have the most amazing lemonade. Mmmmm.

  • KFC as a whole is always pretty terrible. If you want good fast food chicken just go to your local Take Away / Corner store.

    • My local takeaway/corner store is worse than any fast food outlet combined. Unless you want a steak burger, then we have plenty of options.

      On the plus side, for the most part here the KFC is always fresh and juicy.

  • Or fly the ditch over to NZ we have had the Double down available for about a month now aswell as 2 slightly different versions the double down crunch and the double down Hash. this is about the 4th time its been on the menu. but as others have said I personally don’t rate KFC that much anyway

    • Pretty sure it didn’t come out last year. We would have surely covered it for Takeaway Truth.

  • My favourite KFC box that is not on the menu is the Fillet Box, which comes with two fillets, potato & gravy, chips and a drink. You can also get it in Zinger, so if you’re buying the double for the two chicken fillets, it’s probably not a bad deal, and you could even do Chris’ trick of seeing if you can get them to add the cheese and sauce on the side!

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