Heads Up! Brings Android L's Notification System To Older Handsets

Android L has a load of new features, and we've looked at how to install it on a Nexus. But if you want to take advantage of more than just the new apps on non-Nexus devices, Heads Up! brings you the new notification system, no root required.

The floating Heads Up notifications found in Android L are similar to those in Facebook Messenger. They appear over the top of apps you have running, and XDA user Dr.Alexander_Breen created an app that adds the same feature to Android 4.3 and 4.4.

Make sure you enable third-party apps support on your handset — in Settings, go to Security and tick the Unknown sources box. By default, any apps that generate notification will be able to use the Heads Up style, but you can set up a whitelist if you want to cut back on how many apps can pester you — just head into settings.

Now tap Start, check the Heads-up notification service box, tap OK, and then reboot your device. Sit back and wait for notifications to start popping up! A swipe is all it takes to dismiss them, while a double tap opens the associated app.

Check out the video to see the app in action.

Heads Up! [XDA Developers Forum via XDA Developers Blog]


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