Hack A Bookcase Into A Gamer-Friendly TV Stand

There’s nothing quite like playing classic video games on their original systems. Unfortunately, this can cause serious space issues beneath your TV; especially if you’re a hardcore collector. Here’s a simple solution from IKEA Hackers that will allow you to proudly keep your consoles on display — as it should be.

Here’s how to build your own compartment-filled entertainment unit, courtesy of Sarah at IKEA Hackers:

I had two brown 5×1 Expedit Shelving units. I painted them white. Took out 2 shelves from each unit. I turned them horizontal and laid them flat on top of each other. I went to Home Depot and had a piece of MDF cut to size, which I stenciled and drilled holes in (for hiding av cables). I attached this to the back and voila! For added classiness… I installed IKEA under-cabinet lights on some of the shelves.

Unfortunately, IKEA stopped manufacturing the Expedit earlier this year, but they’re still easy enough to get hold of at online auction sites and garage sales. In any event, the same hack should also work with Expedit’s replacement: the Kallax.

IKEA Hackers

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