Grab A Chromecast For $39

Another weekend, another Dick Smith deal. This time around it's for Google's Chromecast, which normally retails for $49, but can be yours for $10 less if you pick one up online from the aforementioned retailer this weekend.

All you need to do is hit up the Chromecast product page on the Dick Smith website, place an order (delivery only) and enter the following code at checkout:


The giant deal banner above the page states that the coupon is only valid for the first 500 customers, though if you feel like spending more, you can get bigger savings by using different coupon codes — SAVER20, SAVER40, etc.

If you were thinking of buying more than one, as Ausdroid's Daniel Tyson notes, the deal is only good for a single Chromecast.

Google Chromecast HDMI Streaming Media Player [Dick Smith, via Ausdroid]


    I bought one for Netflix, turns out I can get it to bring up the netflix page and login no probs... However, bloody Silverlight will not let it run through the Chromecast for some reason..?

      Try running from your phone instead?

        Heh..! my phone is somewhat underpowered for that, "Huawei Y300"... I could use my old TF101 Android Netbook I suppose, but even that is kind of slow to make it convenient, besides that, I really shouldn't have to. The damn thing should run properly in windows... :(

        Last edited 20/07/14 5:54 pm

    Chromecast page on dicksmiths has 404d :(

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