Forget Windows’ Registry Editor Even Exists With This Expert Replacement

Forget Windows’ Registry Editor Even Exists With This Expert Replacement

The default registry editor that comes with Windows does its job with very few bells and whistles, something that can be desirable in a tool that tinkers with the guts of your operating system. Still, there are some features that would make using it much easier, but it’s unlikely Microsoft will get around to adding them. Enter Resplendence with its Registrar Registry Manager, which adds bookmarks, regular expression searches and defragmentation tools to your registry-editing arsenal.

While sharing passing similarities to Windows’ standard editor (mostly with the Explorer-style interface), the Registrar UI features a chunky tool and address bar — the latter allowing you to instantly jump to a key without having to plod your way through node after node.

Not that you’ll need to do this often as you can bookmark registry locations for future tinkering.

Registrar also boasts faster search and replace operations and better comparison tools. There’s also the ability to browse registered COM objects via the utility’s CLSID tool, monitor changes and a defrag option to keep your registry “running smoothly”.

Unfortunately, some of the more powerful features of Registrar, including regular expression searches, are part of the Pro edition, which will set you back $US54.49 — quite a chunk of coin for a utility of its type. I’d certainly consider it at less the $US20, and snap it up for $US10-15.

Registrar Registry Manager [Resplendence, via gHacks]


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