Find Out If You’re Getting The NBN Any Time Soon

Find Out If You’re Getting The NBN Any Time Soon

NBN Co. has published a revised checklist of every community in Australia where the NBN is either up and running or in the process of being built. If you’re still in the dark about NBN services in your suburb, this exhaustive list may provide a modicum of insight.

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Here is the new list of every suburb confirmed to be getting fast internet thus far. The list includes communities where NBN services are already available and suburbs where build has commenced. Build sites are broken down by greenfields (new development) and brownfields (established neighbourhoods) fibre sites as well as fixed wireless builds.

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The list is 74 pages long and includes close to 5000 separate suburbs. To find out if you’re on the list, simply hit “Ctrl+F” and do a word search for your neighbourhood.

According to NBN Co., build preparation is underway for around 167,000 homes and businesses in the NBN brownfields footprint. Construction contracts for the physical build of the network have been issued for a further 290,000 brownfields premises. In all, there are currently 195,000 families and businesses with an active NBN connection across all access technologies.

So what happens if your suburb doesn’t appear on the list? Currently, NBN Co. remains committed to providing the National Broadband Network to 100 per cent of Australian homes and businesses. How long this will actually take — if it happens at all — is anyone’s guess, however.

“If the NBN is not currently available at your address, keep checking [our site] periodically,” NBN Co. suggests, somewhat unhelpfully. You can also check out an interactive map which shows the progress of NBN construction in each area.



  • Nup, still not on the list, in a real fixed broadband deadzone too (I only get 2Mbit of constantly dropping out ADSL2+). 6km from one exchange, 8km from another… 20mins from Melb CBD… so very frustrating. The problem with living in a VERY Labour safe area. No incentive to push it through.

    • Hi SamD, 2mbps can’t be consider as ADSL2+ better check with your provider and downgrade to ADSL since speed for ASDL is up to 1-8mbps. No point of paying ADSL2+ if you’re getting the speed of ADSL. Cheers!

  • In case you can’t get any broadband services with any RSP then we need to wait for the NBN Satellite to be launched. NBNCo leaked that they will accept 9000 customers for NBN Satellite, but no one knows when it will happen this year.

  • The trucks were in my frigging street until the week after the election, then they packed up and went home. Now we are not even on the list at all.

  • That list is somewhat flawed… It shows my town as connected, when only a small part is actually fibre connected… The rest is friggin WiFi available, which is not the same thing… How many other towns are on the list with the same nonsense..?

    • I’m apparently on the list 11 times…different IDs but I’m thinking different areas in my suburb are getting it…probably not me 🙁

      • If it says greenfields it means a new house or building was constructed and the developers requested fibre connection. Greenfields get priority because theres no point hooking them up by copper to just come upgrade again later. For most of us we are waiting for brownfield sites to be connected (exisiting premises). The long slow wait to get above 6mbps for me (Caulfield North)

        • Good to know, every single one of them is Greenfields so guess I’m waiting *sob*

    • My suburb is on the list once. There is a new estate that has access, only 1 or 2 blocks.

      I am happy to wait for everyone else to get it first because I have cable and get 100Mbit speeds. the only reason I want the NBN is to ditch the wit… uh I mean Telstra.

  • Queanbeyan, Queanbeyan east are on the list, been watching the nbn guys (2-4guys max) getting closer and closer only about 2 streets now if they keep their upwards pattern here’s hoping lol want good online gaming not lag gaming

  • I live in a reasonably large country town that sees a large tourist population move in and out throughtout the year, and we currently have no spare ports at our exchanges.

    Think we’d be anywhere on the list? Nope.

    • Same. Mildura is not small and would be a sensible hub for traffic for Sydney/Adelaide/Melbourne/Alice Springs, but nothing.

  • Dammit. The new apartment complex 200m up the road from me has service, but no ETA for my crappy old building yet.

  • What a load of crap, Gracemere in QLD gets Wireless but YET the greenfields areas get fibre. Gov and NBN don’t know shit about the area here. VERY unhappy!!!

    • Greenfields areas are new developments – the person coughing up the cash to build that estate / development requested fibre.

      • This I already know. I know what Greenfields is. there is only one exchange in Gracemere that I’m aware of and it all leads back to that one exchange. so I do not understand why Wireless is used for all others. For someone like me who lives only about 100metres from the exchange, wirless is a very dumb option

  • I live in an extremely safe labour seat, so I recognise I won’t get the NBN for at least 10 years.

    The most marginal areas within marginal seats first, and greenfields estates as well (because NBNco has little to do with that rollout – the developer pays for it) – that’s how the NBN rollout areas get decided, incase you were wondering.

    If your looking at a “brownfields” area and thinking “why are they getting it”, go to the AEC website and look up the last election results for the local polling booth there – and there’s your answer.

  • My town is on that list as “Service Available”. There’s only 2 small new (and very expensive) housing estates that have it.
    The cable was run across the road past my house to one of the new estate but i am unable to actually get it. Pretty deflating watching them drop the cable and then finding out oh no its only for the rich people.

  • Does ‘Construction commenced, Browfields fibre’ suggest FTTP? My understanding is FTTN is just in test phase at this stage and any installations that are underway are all the way to the premises…

  • The town I live in is listed as “service available”, yet it’s only available at two small new housing estates.

    Why am I not surprised at the Coalition trying to mislead people…

  • Chris, you clearly have a very poor understanding of the NBN. This list is mostly greenfield developments, which are new apartment blocks/housing developments, not entire suburbs. Maybe do a bit more research before you post things up here next time, ey?

  • every suburb withing a 50 mile radius of me is on the list… except my suburb. joy.

    • You’re not the only one who is like that. Biggest town between 2 cities, and yet it is the only one that does not have any NBN (Although I probably won’t even get Wireless because I live just outside town with no fixed internet connection available)

  • I have my suburb, Success WA, listed; however, it is only for greenfields. There is no mention of brownfields (established houses?). What does this mean? Because I have an established house (built in 2010), does this mean, I am not getting NBN?

    • Work has started in your area. If you’re located on Baningan Ave corner Hird Rd. you have a chance to get the NBN service. Have you check the roll-out map because there’re only some parts in Success WA that can get the service after it was completed.

      • @alexmartin, my house was built in 2010. The land developer said that they were laying fibre at the time. I have checked the rollout map but they cannot even find my address in there. In Google Maps, after 4 years, they still cannot find my address.

        • AS far as i can see on NBN’s most of the area are white. The only shaded area that we can see here are the Baningan Ave corner Hird Rd near Hammond Rd. On the Northern part Booragoon and Andross are now getting their NBN services. Here’s the coordinate in Google maps -32.134878, 115.845702.

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