Figure Out What Compliments Your Boss Prefers To Suck Up Better

Figure Out What Compliments Your Boss Prefers To Suck Up Better

It’s important to get on the good side of your boss. There’s nothing wrong with sucking up a little bit, but you need to figure out what kind of compliments he or she prefers — or it’s going to be really obvious that you’re sucking up.

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There are all sorts of people you might want to suck up to at work, but your boss is probably the number one candidate. Wise Bread has a number of tips to help you get it right so you can reap the benefits of brown-nosing without the awkwardness. First off, know your target:

You need to figure out your strategy based on how your boss responds to such instances. If your boss gives you a weird look when you compliment her, then back off and take a more subtle approach. Instead of, “You’re so amazing, wonderful, smart, awesome, at everything!” Say something along the lines of, “I’m glad I get to learn so much from you everyday,” or, “I’ve learned so much about being adaptable by watching how you handle situations.”

Hit the link below for more tips, including complimenting the friends and associates of your boss.

15 Ways to Suck Up at Work That Won’t Make You Feel Slimy [Wise Bread]


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