Dealhacker: KFC's New $5 Lunch Box Is Its Most Indulgent Ever

KFC has updated its $5 lunch deal with an even bigger offering: the $5 Box Crispy Sub. For your five smackers, you get a Crispy Sub (1385kJ), a Wicked Wing (552.3kJ), a regular chips (912kJ), a regular potato & gravy (329kJ) and a 250ml drink. I'll take two please.

If you're looking for a cheap yet filling lunch today, we reckon you'd be pretty hard pressed to beat KFC's $5 Box Crispy Sub (provided you like KFC, natch.) To put this deal into perspective, it would normally cost you over $5 for the chips and potato & gravy alone. Add a Wicked Wing, soft drink and Crispy Sub burger into the equation and you've got yourself a bargain.

The KFC $5 Box Crispy Sub meal is available until 4pm daily. (A note to Queensland readers: you guys don't get a soft drink in the above deal. Take it up with the franchisee operator Collins Food.)



    Diabetes and obesity included...

      Better make that a diet coke.

      Yeah could eating fried chicken causes diabetes

        Yes actually, obesity is the biggest driver of type 2 diabetes mellitus

    They've had this $5 deal before. They seem to cycle what they include in them

    It's about time they took the pic of Rolf Harris off their packaging.

      I was going to go on and make a joke about their slogan, but I thought better of it.

    Are you able to swap out the potato and gravy for a chips upsize like you can with some other combos?

    I'll have a box of heart attack with a side of diabetes please...

    Had this today, pretty damn good. Very rarely eat KFC but glad I gave it a go.

    Receipt looks funny though with prices.
    Wicked Wing - 66c
    Crispy Sub - $2
    Reg Chips - $2.95
    Pot & Grav - $3.75
    250ml Pepsi - $2.50

    -$ 6.86

    Total $5.

    Strange because the wicked wing is a bargain price, sub seems ok. The rest is a rip though! Who would ever buy food out of a "meal".

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