Dealhacker: Get Up To $250 Of Apple Store Credit For Your Old iPhone

Dealhacker: Get Up To $250 Of Apple Store Credit For Your Old iPhone

Apple’s Reuse and Recycle trade-in program is finally available to Australian customers, starting from today. Depending on the condition it’s in, you can get paid up to $250 in store credit for your previous-generation iOS device. The downside is that you can only use the store credit towards a new iPhone or iPad.

Up until now, the only trade-in service provided by Apple locally was a recycling scheme that offered 10 per cent off a new iPod in exchange for your old iOS products. This new trade-in program provides the customer with a more enticing financial incentive.

Here’s the official line from Apple:

From today, the Reuse and Recycle program launches in all 21 Australian Apple Stores. This program gives customers a credit to upgrade to a new iPhone or iPad, while responsibly recycling their older models. Customers can receive up to $250 credit when they bring in an iPhone and up to $215 credit when they bring in an iPad. The credit can be used to purchase either a new iPhone or iPad.

While the credit’s restriction to just iPads and iPhones rankles, it’s still a better deal than before — especially if you’re planning to upgrade anyway.

When you bring in your device, an Apple employee will determine its trade-in value based on the device’s iteration and condition. The scheme is currently limited to the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and the iPad 2 and above. You also can’t trade in current-generation models.



  • Don’t bother going through Apple – I sold my iPhone 5, complete with original AC adapter, cable and earbuds, boxed on ebay for over $400 CASH not store credit with Apple for limiting products that do what they want you to do. Hello Samsung S5!!!

    • Im wanting to offload my iPhone 5 for as much as I can get, but considering how cheap allegedly new iPhone 5s are on eBay, I figured going through Apple would be the least effort & pain. Granted for $250 they’re ripping everyone off, especially when my iPhone cost $999 (64GB model) and has hardly been reliable (on my 6th one)

  • The fact you can only use it to upgrade your iphone or ipad should really not be a surprise to anyone. They’re all about locking you in, and if they’re offering a “cash” incentive, they’ll suck more people in even further.

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