Cloud Patches: EC2's Burstable New Instance, Azure Web Deploy

Last week in cloud computing: Amazon expanded its EC2 and Route 53, while Azure tinkers with its Web Deploy feature.

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  • There's a new EC2 instance in town. The T2 instance is designed for services that mostly don't require large amounts of processing power but occasionally need to burst to larger levels (wasn't that always supposed to be the point). In the Sydney region, a T2 micro instance costs $14.40 a month.
  • The AWS Route 53 DNS management service is now easier to manage: existing health checks can be edited, and you can tag them for tracking and cost recovery purposes.
  • Credential management for AWS SDKs has been simplified and standardised. Read more here.
  • Fancy testing out Amazon Redshift? There's a free trial on offer that gives you two months to test a large node.
  • Azure Websites is now using a site extension for its Web Deploy feature. Read more here.
  • With Australian Azure regions expected to go live before the end of the year, existing customers are likely to want to move some services between regions. This detailed guide outlines some of the issues to consider during such a project.

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