Cloud Patches: AWS Marketplace Goes Annual, Azure Adds InImage

Last week in cloud computing: AWS changes Marketplace subscription options and boost IAM password management; Azure adds InImage disaster recovery.

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  • AWS Marketplace software (third party apps accessed via AWS) have generally emulated AWS' per-hour charging model, but you now also have the option of paying an annual fee instead. Whether that certainty of cost will result in a bigger bill depends on your usage model, though Amazon claims some users will save up to 40 per cent.
  • AWS Identity and Access Manager has added enhanced password management features, including the ability to force users to change passwords on a regular basis. You can also regularly generate credential usage reports.
  • Having launched in a trial version last November, AWS RDS PostGreSQL is now generally available and included in the AWS service level agreement (SLA).
  • AWS has updated and expanded its Support API, which you can use to track bug requests in your cloud apps. Read more here.
  • Having acquired InImage Systems, Microsoft is offering free trial access to its Azure InImage Scout disaster recovery tools for enterprise customers until the beginning of August. That's not a super-lengthy trial, but better than paying, we suppose.

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