Briefly: Watch This Week's Best Online Videos

Brief video items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: New Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle trailer, creepy toys, new Star Wars footage.

  • Over the last two weeks, Weird Al has been releasing a new music video every day to promote his album Mandatory Fun: click here to see the full collection.
  • J.J Abrams has released a new video that reveals a life-sized X-Wing starfighter prop. Watch it here.
  • We have featured timelapse videos of objects being sanded down one millimetre at a time before, but this film by Mexican illustrator and animator Simon Gerbaud is the best we’ve ever seen.
  • Marvel has released an extended five-minute trailer for its upcoming galactic superhero romp, Guardians Of The Galaxy. Watch it here.
  • Most people advise against shooting video with your phone in portrait orientation. However, Dan Toth did something we never thought of: using three portrait-oriented videos to make a lovely triptych of his neighbourhood.
  • In other Marvel news, this 8-bit video game adaptation of The Avengers is just adorable.
  • Predestination is a new sci-fi movie starring Ethan Hawke about time-travelling cops fighting to preserve order in the universe. Here's the trailer. Also check out our Top 10 time-travel movies — with trailers!
  • The Falcon 9 performed a vertical soft landing test last week. Click here to watch a point-of-view video of the re-entry and touch down from an onboard camera.
  • YouTube's gaming/comedy duo Screen Team have unveiled their Top 5 Disney princesses. Also: creepy toys.
  • Apparently, this magician can guess the card you're thinking about through YouTube. Skeptical? Give it a try.
  • Here's the first trailer for Microsoft's Halo TV series. It's called Nightfall and is produced by Ridley Scot, which sounds kind of promising.
  • Would you like to drive a life-sized version of Hot Wheels' Darth Vader car? Thanks to this modded C5 Corvette, your geeky fantasies are now a realty.
  • Here are ten amazing trailers that turned out to be terrible movies.
  • This Australian-made video imagines a future where Earth has been ravaged by wars, cyclones, food shortages, destructive weather and horrible humans and turned into areas of uninhabitable zones. And yet cities would still make bids to host the Olympic Games, even if they’re during a nuclear winter.
  • Big Hero 6 is a new animated superhero movie from Disney and Marvel. Watch the trailer here.
  • So just how bad was Tim Burton's Planet Of The Apes re-imagining? This parody trailer nails it.

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