Briefly: GTA Bikie Gangs, NBN Speed Verdict, Robot Warning

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Robots to supplant humans as Earth's dominant species in 50 years (it says here), inside the world of GTA Online's hardcore biker gangs, what's the average speed of the FTTN NBN?

  • This Business Insider chart demonstrates the growing gap between ordinary earnings and senior executives by tracking the pay of the CEO of the National Australia Bank since 2000 compared with average weekly earnings. It makes for depressing reading.
  • According to physicist and author Louis Del Monte, by the year 2045 Earth's dominant species will no longer be humans. Instead, robots will reign supreme in our place. Bonkers or prescient? You be the judge.
  • GTA Online allows players to form digital gangs with special roles and ranks within each group. Some people almost take their membership as seriously as real-life gang-bangers. Head to Kotaku for a glimpse inside the world of GTA Online's hardcore biker gangs.
  • In other gaming news, EA has revealed why pools and toddlers will not feature in The Sims 4. The reason, implausibly, has to do with a "technology upgrade". Hmm.
  • Apparently, the average (theoretical) speed of the FTTN NBN so far is 46Mbps. Not bad, but a long way from fibre to the premises.


    HFC cabled suburbs will not have fibre to the node - as they're already considered to have adequate broadband. This is a pretty drastic decision for posterity - an urgent bipartisan agreement mandating that all nodes be fibre connected is an urgent priority.

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