Save Money On Hotels By Avoiding The Business Travel 'Rush Hour'

Book Hotels Contradicting Business Travellers to Save Money

The next time you're travelling for pleasure, book a hotel outside of the business district on weekdays, and in the business district on weekends, to get the best rates.

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It's a simple formula of going in the opposite direction to the crowds. Cheryl Rosner, co-founder and CEO of, calls it the "rush hour" of business travellers and you can use that to your advantage:

Stay in hotels located in the business district on the weekends and in hotels located in leisure tourist districts during the week.

This strategy alone will save you a lot of money...and if you frequently travel to the same cities, it will endear you to boutique hotels. For example, staying in San Francisco's Embarcadero area will result in significant savings and help the hotels since you'll be there during the hotel's "need" time.

For more savings, you can couple this strategy with some other tips we've shared in the past. For example, Orbitz's hotel rates tell you the average price in that region across the month or year.

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