BitTorrent Launches Bleep, A Serverless, Anonymous Chat Client

BitTorrent Launches Bleep, a Serverless, Anonymous Chat Client

BitTorrent just opened up invitations for its pre-alpha version of Bleep, a chat client that's structured around anonymity and works in a similar way to a peer-to-peer network.

Bleep operates under the same principle as BitTorrent. It's serverless, so when you're running the client you're communicating directly with the other person you're chatting with instead of running through a third-party server. You can sign up for an account with email, a phone number, or incognito so your personal info doesn't go through the app. Right now, it's only available for Windows and by invitation, but more platforms are on the way. You can request an invitation at the link below if you want to check it out and test the pre-alpha for yourself.

Bleep [BitTorrent Blog]


    Precisely what the world needs, but open source the code!!
    I like BtSync as well, but who is naive enough to trust closed source

      Could be for the best? OpenSSL didn't turn out to be secure.

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